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    María Amorin

    Maria Amorim is a dedicated Behavioral Expert and DISC Specialist, boasting over a decade of experience in Human Resources, collaborating with multinational companies, and leading strategic human resources initiatives. Maria coaches’ young talents and first-time managers, driving smooth career transitions and advocating for improved team dynamics. Her professional journey spans diverse international environments, ranging from startups to large corporations with over 10,000 employees, serving as a Business Partner for over 20 countries across the globe in the Tech and Banking industries.
    • Behavioral Analyst, Silver Seal, certified by INTERDISC.
    • Workshop and Team Building Provider
    • Global HR Leader
    • Master in Coaching & NLP
    • Career & Young Talent Coach
    • Holistic Coaching & Hypnosis
    • Gestalt Therapy Expert
    • Workplace Mental Health Advocate
    • Certified Human Resources Expert
    • Certified Image Branding & Communication Expert
    • Certified Foreign Language Commercial Administration
    • Author & Editorial Content Creator