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    What is it?

    It is a kit with all the necessary elements to create a group dynamic of at least two hours approximately up to several days easily, fun, interesting, effective, and safe, with which you can professionally address key issues in a company or organization such as teamwork and communication. It allows you to create an atmosphere of understanding where empathy, cohesion, understanding, and trust are fostered, fundamental pillars of a high-performance team.

    Reasons to acquire your kit

    Save time

    Guarantees learning

    Assured profitability

    Innovative and attractive

    Unlimited technical support

    Improve your professional image

    Provides security and control

    Leave an indelible mark

    Reusable (environment-friendly)

    How does it work?

    The kit is prepared for a minimum team of 8 people and a moderator. You can purchase replacements to facilitate the workshop for larger teams. Team Building Box is developed in 7 key steps thanks to a method tested and proven by our team in hundreds of organizations, the result of more than 2500 hours of intervention and to which you will have access through the facilitator's manual when you purchase your Kit.

    Multimedia material and support

    You will have access to multimedia material exclusively, with which you can develop the dynamics for the team. You will find various resources and tutorials that will make preparing your Team Building Box session super enjoyable and easy.

    What is it for?

    - Break down communication barriers among people.
    - Dissolve fiefdoms.
    - Cohesion teams.
    - Balance efforts.
    - Establish objectives.
    - Strengthen teams.
    - Improve the work environment.
    - Show strengths.

    - Address conflict.
    - Define roles.
    - Clarify the expectations of colleagues and team members.
    - Facilitate active listening among team members.
    - Establish an effective starting point in communication aspects for newly formed teams

    For whom?

    Team Building Box is designed for coaches, facilitators, managers, or team leaders and trainers who want to facilitate a different, deep, and easy-to-implement experience in teams and organizations. In addition to incorporating into their inventory a reusable work tool with which to successfully address communication and teamwork within an organization.




    with 1 facilitator's manual with access to online content, 8 participant manuals, map, and stickers

    Do you have any questions?

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