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    Get certified in DISC by the experts.
    Learn to see beyond the CV.
    Improve your consulting services.
    Add value to your training and coaching programs.


    We offer you the most advanced and user-friendly assessment platform on the market.
    Simplify your hiring process.
    Save time and resources.
    Support decisions with the best analysis.


    Whether you are a coach and want to learn or acquire a proven and guaranteed method.
    Or if you just simply want training. This is the right place to reach your goals.


    The result of successfully delivering thousands of hours of consulting and coaching services in different companies, sectors and countries. We have built tools, games, methods and downloadable content for you to take your consulting and coaching processes to another level.

    Transform your life and your business

    Benefit from our training, conferences, consulting and coaching services.


    Learn how to use DISC for recruitment, targeting, selection, placement and development of talent. Discover your field of excellence and that of others.


    We bring the DISC methodology to your company and design a customized solution.

    DISC Assessments

    The easiest and most advanced multi-science assessment platform for recruiting and talent development.

    HR Partner

    We help you make the intangible tangible.

    High-performance teams

    Maximize the performance of your team with our Team Building Box.


    Improve your results and your teams’, invest in the development of your competencies.

    Understand how people work for the recruitment, identification, placement and development of talent.


    Hours of Training Provided
    People Certified
    Level of Student Satisfaction

    Team Building Box

    It is a kit with all the necessary elements to create a group dynamic of at least two hours approximately up to several days easily, fun, interesting, effective, and safe, with which you can professionally address key issues in a company or organization such as teamwork and communication.

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    Team Building Box

    A powerful and differentiating methodology Facilitate the most innovative and differentiating group dynamics Discover Team Building Box! DISC, The Language of Colors. In the exercise of your profession, making the most of time—one of the scarcest and most valuable assets—is like finding gold dust. Therefore, discovering opportunities that allow you to manage your time excellently […]

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    Tags: coaching, DISC, liderazgo, motivación, rrhh, teambuilding, teambuildingbox,
    Resolute Leadership

    Leaders who primarily use this style are attracted to challenges, determined, and rational. They enjoy the opportunity to solve complex problems and focus on tasks, that is, on the how. They tend to set high standards for the group and for themselves, and may have little patience for people or practices that may seem inefficient. […]

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    Tags: behavioralanalystdisc, DISC, disccertification, discexpert, discmethodology, liderazgo, motivación, recruitment, rrhh, talent,

    Leaders who primarily use this style are systematic, very cautious, and above all, very analytical. They focus their attention on data, information, and evidence, are very rational, and their arguments and ways of communicating reflect these qualities in their interactions and dialogues. Their voice is low-toned, monotonous, and they look directly into the eyes to […]

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    Tags: behavioralanalystdisc, DISC, disccertification, discexpert, discmethodology, liderazgo, recruitment, rrhh,

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