The DISC model by William Marston, first introduced in 1928, is a methodology derived from a scientifically validated theory. Subsequently, a test format tool was developed from this theory, which has proven to be crucial in the world of personal and professional development.

DISC is a method that allows us to understand human behavior and identify a person's behavioral profile to determine their needs, motivations, how to lead them, how to motivate them, how to communicate effectively, and predict how a person will behave in certain situations.

DISC explains how and where people channel their mental energy based on how they perceive and react to their environment and how they express this response through the four predictable behavior factors:



How we respond to challenges and obstacles.


How we relate to and influence others.


How we respond to the pace and change of the environment.


How we respond to established rules and procedures.

People are different, but thanks to DISC, predictably different.

La metodología Disc nos permite

Conocer nuestro propio estilo de comportamiento y tomar conciencia.

Identificar diferentes estilos de interlocutores y poder adaptarnos a ellos.

Crear un marco de inter-relación que nos acerque a nuestros objetivos.

With DISC, you develop and improve...


Influence-based leadership

Personnel selection

Talent management

Team management

Sales and negotiation

Coaching and training

Personal development

Professional development

What is DISC Factory?

We are a group of certified professionals in behavioral analysis with DISC, coming from various business areas where we have successfully implemented and applied the DISC methodology and assessments for talent selection, fitting, detection, and development. We specialize in the design and implementation of training, coaching, and selection based on DISC, as well as in the computer tools derived from the methodology. We bring scientific rigor and measurable results to improving professional performance and teams through the development of our own methodology, which we apply with our knowledge and expertise.

For years, we have been spreading, working, and successfully implementing the DISC methodology, both in organizations and teams, and in personal and professional development processes in various fields.

What we do

We train masters of interpersonal communication.

We develop exemplary leaders.

We professionalize selection processes with an objective tool.

We remove barriers to communication and relationships among people.

We implant a culture of talent in organizations and teams.

We transform fragmented realms into cohesive and functional teams.

We enrich organizations with the DISC language.

We build competent companies and professionals.

We train Experts and Behavioral Analysts in DISC.

Our mission and vision


  • To carry out responsible, professional, and high-quality dissemination of the DISC methodology.
  • To help through our specialized training to make professional use of DISC assessments for talent selection, fitting, and development.
  • To implement and develop the DISC methodology in organizations for measurable improvement in communication and trust within teams.
  • To provide innovation, original resources, and knowledge to individuals interested in using the DISC methodology.



  • To create a universe in four colors for professionals and organizations where the common language is DISC.

Our Values:

Our main driving force is our commitment to customer service, and how we carry it out is through these values.







Our Team

We help you grow personally and professionally. We have an extensive network of collaborators worldwide with whom we work hand in hand to provide our clients with the best training and consulting experience. Your success is our success.



Gold Behavioral Analyst. Executive and Team Coach.


Silver Behavioral Analyst. LATAM Market Distributor.



Behavioral Analyst Silver Seal. Distributor&Trainer DISC Europe.


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